I wrote this a couple of years ago. The image is not mine, and if the owner would like it removed I will. I thought it was one of the prettiest lotus pics.

January 14th, 2007

Thoughts On A Winter Saturday Afternoon!

I am a temporary manifestation
a configuration of molecules
forever moving
forever changing
Out of dust I came,
and there I shall return.
Never ceasing
reborn potential
again and again

So why do I weep with such sorrow
when I wake to fact
that all that is here today
will some day be gone?

April 30th, 2011 - I have been thinking about the following after having a conversation with Mabu14/Craft Mix. I have thought for some time that Dualism  is the mechanism which allows us to experience the physical world. It is by constant comparison that we interpret the stream of experience. For example," this is hotter than this...and so on." During the dying process it is said that this world starts to fall away. I suspect that dualism is falling away and one fully begins to see the unity of all. I believe I have been blessed to see this with a few patients...they seem to be transitioning from this "reality" to some other. I believe, I was in that space with this one man I cared for. The room was bathed in soft sun light, the energy was strong and pure. I have always believed that being a part of this experience was a blessing.

April 13th/ 2011
I often think about the spiritual and of course at times the institution of religion. All I really is know is that the truth is the truth, whatever that may be and regardless of whatever I think or believe it to be. That being said, I strongly believe in a universality of all religions. At their core they tend to teach the same principles of how to live a decent life. I believe this being, energy, source is something that can manifest anyway it wants and it does. That being said, even if my theory is wrong...and there is only one "right" way to view this higher power that my higher power would wish me to have feelings of compassion for those who are lost and certainly not feelings of anger and hatred. What a worthy aspiration.

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