Thursday, November 17, 2011

50 Positives From Childhood

November 17,2011
#6 - I was talking with hubby the other day about a show we use both watch when we were younger than I would watch with Gramma and Grampa...Name that Tune, and for a kid with limited music exposure, I did not do too bad. That got me remembering the other shows. If I was over on a Sat. then it would be Kingo Bingo. For me it was so exciting. Another favourite was The Lawrence Welk Show. Everybody was smiling, perfect and happy.  Now that I think about it that must of been where that music trivia came from. I use to love the part of the Name that Tune where one would wager how many notes they could name the tune in...the fewer the better.
I wish my cousins had all got to know Grampa like I did. He mmight not have been the best father but he was a great Grampa.