Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Workshops and Life

It has been a couple really difficult months health wise, events (hubbies saw incident) and the list goes on. The things that have keep me going are creating. Anything and everything I can. It keeps me in that present moment. In that moment everything is as it should be. I have been taking a mandala class...It has been wonderful and I have gained a lot more confidence about creating my own mandalas. Some of the girls have shared the process and it is really amazing what comes out within the circle. For instance, I am having difficulty with the axis at times, and I am starting to see that there might be a reflection of the health issues. 
Anyway I thought I would share them with you.

Week One - New Day

We did not activate the water colours in Week One

Week Two - Gelato Dreams

Activations - some folk used stamps to add to their mandala.
With mine I used brushes in photoshop

Week Three - Spring Pond In Shambhala

With this mandala we used tracing paper and did not activate the colours.
I had issues with the centre and the axis is off.

Week Four - Expanding Borders 

Starting with the Seed Of Life in Scared Geometry and then creating one's unique version.

I have felt for a long time that everyone could benefit from creating, colouring etc. with the mandala form. Further that it is natural and innate. Over on Willowing's site Guadalupe is offering a free class to introduce people to creating mandalas. If you are interested I encourage you to check it out.