Sunday, July 24, 2011

Putting Polymer Charms To Use

I have been in the lab experimenting with all kinds of transfers...the image transfers in all these danglers are made with parchment paper transfer via a laser printer....very delicate and finicky.....I have since found another type of paper and had mixed results. That being said I think it has more to do learning what are the best suited images for the creation.

This one is for my friend that is coming for a visit and I have named it - A Few Of Our Favourite Things

The following were all using vintage photos

50 Positives From Childhood

I think what I will double post whenever I add an entry ("The Good Bits" page and main blog). I am sure there is a easier way, but until I know, this will do.

July 24th - How to begin? I have been thinking should I tell a funny storey etc. Because it is difficult to remember some of the good bits, I would begin with the 50 Positives From Childhood. I thought this would be a challenging. If there is more than fifty, wonderful.I thought that these positives might be things I liked, the way I dealt with something and how it made me, it could also be an experience or event. I think this would be useful for getting in touch with that little girl, but from a positive perspective. I will just add to it as I think of things.
  1. I loved the feel of fuzzy blankets and especially when the little balls formed. I believe the feeling of rubbing my fingers, and pulling the fuzz balls off,  helped with the anxiety I was experiecing. I would have all sorts of stashes for whenever the need came.  I carried this throughout my childhood and into adulthood. Even today, if I see a fuzzy blanket, the urge to touch it is strong. I have often joked saying that I need Fuzz Pickers Anonymous. After numbers of holey blankets, fuzz balls showing up in all sorts of places I found a replacement. Those soft, velour type, seem to give me the same comfort without the mess and destruction of perfectly good