Thursday, July 21, 2011

Beautiful Alberta Skies

I am blessed to live in a spot with a big expansive view of the sky and we get some beautiful are a couple recent ones

Crafting With Caroline and New Tags

Caroline and I made a box the other day. Once the principles are down the possibilities of applications endless...The box ends up being quite sturdy. I plan on making my own configuration type box customized for all my little treasures.

New Tags - Trying to use more techniques and more of a collage feel especially with the first one. Images come via an angel collage sheet and various bits on the desk from other projects. The words "the spirit" are hidden by the ribbon.

This tag I made for a friend who is coming for a visit in just over a week. She lives in Ontario. The last time we met was the first time in person and I went down to visit her. We have been internet friends for a number of years now. She is my perfect mirror as we have an uncanny number similarities from experiences, the character, to our collections. I am so looking forward to showing her around my little part of the world....wishing for good weather and a slow down in the mosquito population