Sunday, July 17, 2011

Shadow Box - Part Two: That Extra Touch, And New Tag Play

I think it looks better with the decal on the seemed like there was a lot of empty space before. Now I am thinking maybe I should have put it slightly

Just playing with some bits on the desk..I was practising embossing last night...With this one I used the Distress embossing powder in Vintage Photo. Then I took some craft paint and went over top, and removed what I could. Cut out an "angel image" and matted it on a scrap which had leaves stamped on it from another project. I saw Arlene (Butterfly Kisses) do that curling thing with the edge of the paper and revealing the other one underneath. When she used this, I think it was on a box. I did not like the corner the image so I thought I would try it on this tag. I used a little Washi paper at the bottom and made a heart using the M.S. Embossed Heart Punch. It is difficult to use as the heart always gets stuck and I have to remove it with tweezers. Not the best design as far as my limited punch knowledge goes. The heart is puffy so I put applied it with the dimension sticker/tape.. I finished it with some twine I claimed it while cleaning my husband's wine room earlier today.