Thursday, May 19, 2011

An Urking Rant

I have discovered today that I have no tolerance for parents who are not doing what they need to do to keep their children safe, and I have this feisty streak that comes out at times. Hubby was going to take me for an ice cream we were driving out of our community this girl about 13 riding a bike came riding up beside us not stopping or signalling at the stop sign. Hubby slammed on his breaks as he even thought we were about to hit her. She kept on her way without seemingly realizing the seriousness of what could have just happened. On our way back we came upon her again and stopped to tell her that she needs to learn follow the rules of the road when she is on the bike. My voice was a bit louder than usual but by far not yelling. The girl actually apologized and then follow it up by saying there was no stop sign. The particular corner was just kiddy corner to where we were and I pointed "saying look darling right there it's a stop sign.".  Next thing I hear is the mother saying "don't yell at my kid" I said we are just trying to help her before she gets hit.....mother was laying on the couch yelling out the window...concerned but not enough to get up. I give two hoots what that mother thinks of me...I am sick of people who think that is being a parent...what things look like. It was obvious that if the girl was not even aware of the stop sign a 100 ft. or so from her house that she has not been taught bike safety. Now I live in Red Neck Heaven but don't hold it against me...there are a lot of man/boys here who love to charge around in their big trucks exceeding the 30km max.on a routine basis. Then there just those that think speed limits etc. don't apply to them. Any ended with me telling the mother that when she picks her child off the road not to cry to me and that she could just go to hell. Now I am not proud of how I dealt with the mother, but I said nothing bad to the child other than convey the seriousness of the issue. If it keeps that child safe by reminding her than it was worth it. I know if I felt someone was causing harm to my child I would be off that couch and out that door faster than you can blink. It just urks me to no end what some people call parenting.

I guess that triggered some feelings! Usually I keep the beast well under control!

Jarvis Cocker & Beth Ditto - Temptation (Live)