Saturday, July 30, 2011

Second Positive From Childhood

2. In the evenings my Grandpa would take Heidi, their poodle, for a walk. I often stayed overnight at their place. On those occasions I would go on these walks with him. Together, we traveled down the dark back allies. They were quiet and peaceful, and we would talk of many things. Grandpa has been gone for many years now and I always think of those special walk and talks when I think of him

Friday, July 29, 2011

Crafting With Caroline and Resist

Caroline/Craft Mix showed me how to do a resist technique. I love it and I am falling in love with embossing, even though it seems to be hit and miss at this point. I loved the card she made that I did something very similar. It just seems to be all about butterflies these days.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Do You Believe There is Magic?

Below is an exert from a email written to a friend...I have been sharing with her the special occurrences that have been happening in my life. I had written her the day before about an experience of spiritual significance. She was In Washington at receiving an initiation with the Dalai Lama, and was saying special prayers for me.
I hope I can explain further regarding the Mani Pills...but for now.
"...the morning I was reading your email after telling you about the Mani pill experience, I scrolled down to find this other email. It was so touching that it brought tears to my eyes for days. Trudi from t w o d r e s s e s s t u d i o  has been collecting butterflies for the Holocaust Museum (there is a link on my sidebar to the project info.had asked me if she could write about the experience and I said yes. She posted the blog the other day, so now I can tell more of the story

The evening that this was all happening.....before I heard from Trudi I was creating this

Pretty amazing, but true...."

Butterflies are still in abundance as today I received a lovely canvas from Psychomoms (Tonya)...just prior to the post office strike in Canada,was blessed to win the canvas. I will post a couple photos but here is a video showing her amazing creation

The card was also beautiful (I love it)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Putting Polymer Charms To Use

I have been in the lab experimenting with all kinds of transfers...the image transfers in all these danglers are made with parchment paper transfer via a laser printer....very delicate and finicky.....I have since found another type of paper and had mixed results. That being said I think it has more to do learning what are the best suited images for the creation.

This one is for my friend that is coming for a visit and I have named it - A Few Of Our Favourite Things

The following were all using vintage photos

50 Positives From Childhood

I think what I will double post whenever I add an entry ("The Good Bits" page and main blog). I am sure there is a easier way, but until I know, this will do.

July 24th - How to begin? I have been thinking should I tell a funny storey etc. Because it is difficult to remember some of the good bits, I would begin with the 50 Positives From Childhood. I thought this would be a challenging. If there is more than fifty, wonderful.I thought that these positives might be things I liked, the way I dealt with something and how it made me, it could also be an experience or event. I think this would be useful for getting in touch with that little girl, but from a positive perspective. I will just add to it as I think of things.
  1. I loved the feel of fuzzy blankets and especially when the little balls formed. I believe the feeling of rubbing my fingers, and pulling the fuzz balls off,  helped with the anxiety I was experiecing. I would have all sorts of stashes for whenever the need came.  I carried this throughout my childhood and into adulthood. Even today, if I see a fuzzy blanket, the urge to touch it is strong. I have often joked saying that I need Fuzz Pickers Anonymous. After numbers of holey blankets, fuzz balls showing up in all sorts of places I found a replacement. Those soft, velour type, seem to give me the same comfort without the mess and destruction of perfectly good

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Beautiful Alberta Skies

I am blessed to live in a spot with a big expansive view of the sky and we get some beautiful are a couple recent ones

Crafting With Caroline and New Tags

Caroline and I made a box the other day. Once the principles are down the possibilities of applications endless...The box ends up being quite sturdy. I plan on making my own configuration type box customized for all my little treasures.

New Tags - Trying to use more techniques and more of a collage feel especially with the first one. Images come via an angel collage sheet and various bits on the desk from other projects. The words "the spirit" are hidden by the ribbon.

This tag I made for a friend who is coming for a visit in just over a week. She lives in Ontario. The last time we met was the first time in person and I went down to visit her. We have been internet friends for a number of years now. She is my perfect mirror as we have an uncanny number similarities from experiences, the character, to our collections. I am so looking forward to showing her around my little part of the world....wishing for good weather and a slow down in the mosquito population

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Shadow Box - Part Two: That Extra Touch, And New Tag Play

I think it looks better with the decal on the seemed like there was a lot of empty space before. Now I am thinking maybe I should have put it slightly

Just playing with some bits on the desk..I was practising embossing last night...With this one I used the Distress embossing powder in Vintage Photo. Then I took some craft paint and went over top, and removed what I could. Cut out an "angel image" and matted it on a scrap which had leaves stamped on it from another project. I saw Arlene (Butterfly Kisses) do that curling thing with the edge of the paper and revealing the other one underneath. When she used this, I think it was on a box. I did not like the corner the image so I thought I would try it on this tag. I used a little Washi paper at the bottom and made a heart using the M.S. Embossed Heart Punch. It is difficult to use as the heart always gets stuck and I have to remove it with tweezers. Not the best design as far as my limited punch knowledge goes. The heart is puffy so I put applied it with the dimension sticker/tape.. I finished it with some twine I claimed it while cleaning my husband's wine room earlier today.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shadow Box

I attended Cynthialoohoo's Ustream yesterday where she made a shadow box. This was my attempt. I have several old blue glass jars it would be a great way to display them in a grouping. That is if I can find some wall space. I love assemblages, and now I know how to make a box. I am always picking up frames at the thrift shops when I see them next to nothing. This was a little unfinished pine one from Ikea. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just A Touch More Magic

Just playing the evening of July 11th, 2011
Found this semi-coloured vintage image, so I thought I would emboss
 the red and use mica powders on the pink. I matted it with cardstock
stamped with leaves. The red is quite bold, but has the same intensity as the original image. 
It has taken on special significance!

Still Not The Greatest Light