Saturday, April 30, 2011

Entry From Ponderings

April 30th, 2011 - I have been thinking about the following after having a conversation with Mabu14/Craft Mix. I have thought for some time that Dualism  is the mechanism which allows us to experience the physical world. It is by constant comparison that we interpret the stream of experience. For example," this is hotter than this...and so on." During the dying process it is said that this world starts to fall away. I suspect that dualism is falling away and one fully begins to see the unity of all. I believe I have been blessed to see this with a few patients...they seem to be transitioning from this "reality" to some other. I believe, I was in that space with this one man I cared for. The room was bathed in soft sun light, the energy was strong and pure. I have always believed that being a part of this experience was a blessing.

Monday, April 18, 2011

One Thing Leads To Another

I got playing with the circles and changed the flower a little. I decided to try making my first coaster mini. I have only put the paper on the pages and pretty much completed the cover. I sprayed it with Lindy's Autumn Maple Crimson, a touch of Screamin Banshee Black starburst spritz and Buccaneer Bay Blue Moon Shadow. I made two smaller flowers and the one larger one...some trim, a touch of bling and a little painted wooden butterfly. I tied it together with some faux leather cording. When I was looking for a tutorial, I watched one where the lady had put in her favorite quotes etc. I am going to do something like that and give my friend Oceanna.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Beautiful Scraps

Last night while working on my latest tag, I was half watching some videos. In one shoeprincess1 was explaining the little flower on a card made recently. She cut out circles and bent the two sides of each forming pie shaped pieces.... I had been thinking how to use my sheets I use when glimmering and I thought that the above would really work well with this. I just used a white piece of computer cardstock  so the other side was white. In this case I just gave them a little inking with Peeled Paint D.I. Although the technique is lacking I think the application could be quite beautiful. 
Mainly the sprays are Lindy Stamp Gang Sprays along with some Perfect Pearls Mist.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Cranberry Fields

Materials - 
Chip Board from Cereal Box
Paper from DCWV Luxury Stack for back
A Vintage Photo from CD
Adirondak Color Wash in Cranberry, 
Perfect Pearls Mist
Black Soot -Distress Ink
Black Soot Embossing Ink 
Sizzix Flourish #9
Sissix Florish # 11
Ranger Black Embossing Pen
Tiny Flowers from Jentaleigh
Various bits of Ribbon

Method - Sprayed Color Wash Then took the left over from flourish and used as stencil, filled in with embossing pen, embossed, sprayed with Perfect Pearls and so on....

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

First ATC, and Crackle Project

Used an ATC for my crackle experiments and did this little piece.

Used Tim Coffey's Garden Paper Stack, and ,I believe it was, a Recollection's Bird Die Cut edged with Peeled Paint D.I. The back ground covered in previous posting.

Frame using the same crackle technique using the white glue. Thanks Caroline for directing me to the tutorial. I am quite pleased with the effect. I used the b side of the Tim Coffey stack for this mostly tones of green. I sprayed the image and cutouts with Lindy's Freaky Fraken Lime which I love. Used Mircosoft word art to make the word and then inked with Peeled Paint D.I. I like how the color of the other side shows on the curly bits. Finishing it off with a brass dragon fly and cloth butterfly.

Mad World (Cover) - Tamara Laporte

 “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”- Krishnamurti

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Think I Cracked

What do you think of this for a steampunk themed wooden trunk. Deco Arts Brunt Umber and FA Basil Green....and maybe some Lindys?!?