Friday, March 25, 2011


Have Tools Will Craft

My Vagabond came in today and hubby bought me a Cropadile for our upcoming Anniversary. Plus he contributed a chunk to the Vagabond. What a sweetie.


Caroline said...

You lucky girl... let the fun begin!!
Can't wait to see what you do with your vagabond :)

BTW your pebbles turend out just wonderful!


PaisleyPeacock said...

Thanks Caroline,
I will need your advice on ordering a couple dies...that will keep me playing for a couple months while I clear off the credit card is not a bad as it seems (it is not all crafting material... a chunk was for my girl friends plane ticket. We are both so excited for August to come now. I am going to take her to Jasper and going to send her a postcard for inspiration.
I will scan's amazing

Tammy Tutterow said...

That was sweet of him! Enjoy your new toy! Thanks for sharing with us on the Sizzix blog!

Winnie said...

Fun picture..have fun creating..