Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Little Girl I Knew All Grown Up

I was Keri's REG. babysitter for a number of years.  She was in elementary but that is a close as I can get . In the Summers I babysat her and sis during the day, but throughout the year there was plenty of time spent together. I think it was 2005 ish that I did a search online for her and found her to be the lead singer in this folk band. I got in touch with her and lucky me they were coming to town to do a show so I was able to connect and see what a talent she is. The group has won a Juno and Keri has won several song writing awards. She says that I was her favorite sitter, but she also mentions the one who taught her how to make a weapon with a board and nails. That's not me That one was after me. I was lucky to see them in concert this past year. Here are a few music video's of theirs.

Sunset Chaser

The Wind

Trans AM

Keri Latimer - Ray's Echo (Frozen River OST)

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