Monday, February 21, 2011

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If anyone knows any lawful reason why I should not post this ad, speak now, or...sorry wrong occasion.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

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Sassy Lady

To Wander Free - The Wish of Many A Woman

The Choice Is Simple Life Or Death

I have the book from which this exert comes from. I was looking for something and I found this copy I had typed...There have been several perfect moments today and finding that was one of them.

Every time I follow my inner voice, I feel more life and energy. Every time I go against it, I feel the struggle in my body. If I continue to push myself past what my body wants I become increasingly tires and lifeless. The choice is simple. life or death. Moment to moment become keenly aware of what makes you feel most alive. Start a list of these "alive" tines and consciously choose these activities for yourself.

Every time I follow my inner voice I feel more alive.

Reflections in the light by Shakti Gawain

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Little Girl I Knew All Grown Up

I was Keri's REG. babysitter for a number of years.  She was in elementary but that is a close as I can get . In the Summers I babysat her and sis during the day, but throughout the year there was plenty of time spent together. I think it was 2005 ish that I did a search online for her and found her to be the lead singer in this folk band. I got in touch with her and lucky me they were coming to town to do a show so I was able to connect and see what a talent she is. The group has won a Juno and Keri has won several song writing awards. She says that I was her favorite sitter, but she also mentions the one who taught her how to make a weapon with a board and nails. That's not me That one was after me. I was lucky to see them in concert this past year. Here are a few music video's of theirs.

Sunset Chaser

The Wind

Trans AM

Keri Latimer - Ray's Echo (Frozen River OST)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fan Etiquette and Flirtation

I am not sure where I got this from. I might have been at Heritage Park in Calgary Canada, but then it could have been in Waterford Ireland. I thought some folk might find it interesting

Linda Kester Hamilton: Turning Jelly Jars to Jewels | Blogs | Delphi Stained Glass

Linda Kester Hamilton: Turning Jelly Jars to Jewels | Blogs | Delphi Stained Glass

what a neat, creative idea for using used jelly jars etc.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines Present For Hubby

Made based on the project at Love Art Collage...some of the images came via the (thank you), but I took bits from cards I have given to him over the years. I found a special little note in one card so I made a little vellum pocket on the front of one frame. I had sm. love stack which had alphabet stickers.  I found the need to apply some glossy accents to the letters...I added that to the front of the 2nd frame which showcases one of my favorite cards. I distressed edges and used distress inks ton most of the pieces. Also I cut apart a couple lg. paper dollie hearts. At bottom frame I attached a cherub and heart charm. To finish it off I had to add a bow with the red paisley ribbon. I did not think he would mind me using the cards He didn't! I think he really liked it maybe even loved it.  It is nice idea to be able to see some of the sentiments and words written and the cards instead of being tucked away in a box.

I have saved every card since was about 10 or 11, so I have lots of material. I thought I would scan some of them.

I should add that you might want to work on one frame at a time. I got confused in trying to work them all and with the bottom frame there are number of image upside some collage it might be just the thing to but I am not so sure with this one.

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More Recent Projects

I have wee bit of a tremor, the touch up on birds fly away needs a touchup..using a image from the graphic fairy and the Tim Holtz stamp of the birds...also a vine back ground was stamped over the dress ink.

A natural born distresser!

The second project that I used the Graphic Fairy's images that I made into butterfly lady. I did a parchment transfer(laser printer) onto polymer clay...There is no margin of error with this technique. Placement is critical. Then light burnishing. I really like this technique and plan to use it in the future. This one was turned a fridge magnet.

A little box I painted and decoupaged with the top layer of a pretty napkin. In this case I used one of Lisa Pavelkas waterslide transfer onto a granite effect polymer clay...not sure if I would use that clay again with images as it makes it spotty.  

Some of my polymer clay play. I made a number of transfers with the blue and white pattern from China...the Indigo color bleed into the excess so I decided to make tiles with it...I thought perhaps they could used on a little birdhouse or something.

Early Erotica...I find it quite beautiful!

A Thousand Words.

Another tag....I have only started making tags a couple months ago...playing and practicing....great fun!

One of my favorites, but in future, I have make sure they are images without flat hair.

The Asian Inchie Stamps