Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Feeling Shy

I see so much talent and creativity that it make me a little insecure about showing the project I have been working on.
I am a novice and it has been through watching YouTube Tutorials and now visiting a lot of wonderful blogs and bloggers that I have learned anything.  But I want to share, so here we go....jump!

 This is a little mini book that I am working on... First for the experience just working with products and mediums to learn. I thought I would make it reflect me in some way...what I like, who I am etc. Finally, just to play. I never had much of a childhood, so I guess I long for a bit of good old fun.
The blue lady - represent my life lived always with a certain amount of sadness. The Peacock for it's ability to take poison and turn it into something beautiful. The 2nd page represents my love of the vintage, turn of the century...the butterfly lady is compliments of the Graphics Fairy. The background was from someone On Squido free digital collage sheet from Sears Catalog...I will edit and  add the link ups. On the Third page there is some Mucha, Echer, scared geometry, vintage erotica, vintage pins, and an old earring....lots of things that I love. Then there is my fun mix of mandala forms. I love them in all their forms in nature....This is as far as I have gotten so far.


Yvonne said...

Your work is beautiful! Don't be shy, enter challenges, there are so many out there and it's wonderful to see ideas and creations from others. Welcome to the world of blogging my friend :)

Yvonne (from Victoria)

Linda M. said...

Hello Christine, Thanks for stopping by my blog to help me celebrate. I'm one of your new followers now. I'm a little shy too but let me tell you, your work is gorgeous! I love the little book, I like to make little books too but I've never made one shaped like yours. You have inspired me. I also really lke your brooch. If you haven't already you should link your book to The Graphics Fairy "Brag Monday."

PaisleyPeacock said...

Thanks so much Yvonne and Linda for your lovely comments. I am really happy to be here with you all.

I have not posted the book page with the butterfly lady but did post a version of it done as parchment transfer onto polymer clay which has become a fridge magnet. Also I posted a tag with a bird added, but they were linked through my deviant art account. From now on I will post anything here and then link it. Maybe I will add the book next Monday just to show a 2nd application.
Once thanks so much it feels so warm and comfy.

Dezinaworld said...

Wow your work is simply gorgeous, i absolutely adore what you do, you are very talented
have a great week
hugs June

PaisleyPeacock said...

Thanks June, what a lovely me a more courage to just dig deeper to find the art that is in there.